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McDonnell: "I Am Focusing On The Economic Issues"

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Location: Unknown

Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell wants to make it clear.

He is not the one focusing on abortion.

While his opponent Senator Creigh Deeds continues to describe McDonnell as far outside the mainstream, McDonnell attempts to steer the topic away from social issues and back on to the economy and jobs.

"If Senator Deeds wants to talk about these other things, he'll have to make that decision," McDonnell said in Chesterfield on Sunday. "I'm focusing on the economic issues during the campaign."

But even though he works hard to change the topic when abortion becomes part of the discussion, the republican still attempts to make the point that Creigh Deeds is actually the one out of the mainstream. "The things that I have worked during my time in the general assembly have been common sense measures that have been broadly embraced by republicans and democrats," said McDonnell, invoking partial birth abortion and parental consent. "These are things that Senator Deeds has long opposed. I mean he is way outside of the mainstream, unfortunately on this issue."

Deeds supporters, and his campaign staff claim that McDonnell is avoiding the topic of abortion, not because it isn't important to him, but because he is working to hide his record. They claim that moderate voters need to be worried about a candidate that isn't straight forward about his position on the issue. McDonnell disagrees, saying that his stance on abortion is well known, and that it is something rarely brought up on the campaign trail.

"You know until Senator Deeds started talking about it, I really hadn't heard from anybody."

During a conference call this week, Team Deeds seemed to indicate that their abortion assault is only beginning. On Sunday in Chesterfield, Bob McDonnell seemed to welcome the challenge. "While Senator Deeds continues to engage in the politics of division and the politics of the past, I am going to focus on the things that are going to make Virginia an even better state than it is today."

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