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Fallin Calls on President to Remove Abortion Mandate from Health Care Reform

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Fallin Calls on President to Remove Abortion Mandate from Health Care Reform

Joined by 34 of her colleagues, Congresswoman Mary Fallin called on President Obama to explicitly detail whether he intends to include abortion in federally mandated health care benefits. In her letter to the president, Fallin stated, "We call on you to make this clarification and focus this debate on improving the health of all Americans."

Unfortunately, the current plan before Congress provides no indication of whether abortion would be included in federal coverage mandates or whether taxpayer dollars would be used to pay for abortions in a public plan.

"I call on President Obama to clarify the intent of this legislation and to let this Congress and the American people know whether his healthcare plan intends to use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions," said Fallin. "The President should make it clear that his healthcare plan is focused on improving the lives and good health of our citizens, not on funding abortions."

Pending proposals in both the House and Senate chambers include requirements that individuals possess coverage that meets "minimum benefits standards." Unless explicitly prohibited by law, abortion would most likely be considered a "minimum benefit," forcing taxpayers to foot the bill, employers to extend coverage for this procedure and doctors to carry it out.

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