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Udall Joins Senate in Historic Vote to Confirm Sonia Sotomayor


Location: Washington, DC

Udall Joins Senate in Historic Vote to Confirm Sonia Sotomayor

Udall: I am Honored to Cast my First Supreme Court Confirmation Vote for Judge Sotomayor

Today, U.S. Senator Mark Udall joined his Senate colleagues in confirming Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. The full Senate voted 68-31. She will become the 111th Supreme Court Justice, and first Latina to serve on the Court.

"Over the last few months, the nation has gotten to know Judge Sotomayor, and she is an example for all of us. She is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents, who moved to New York City at a time when racial and ethnic prejudice was widespread. She learned from her parents' good example, worked hard, achieved amazing things, and rose to the top of her field.

"Sonia Sotomayor's story is compelling, but it is her record that matters most. She navigated rigorous Senate confirmation hearings with grace, took tough questions and gave clear and forthcoming answers. Her poise through hours of questioning is a testament to her strength of character. And my study of her record convinces me that she is a judge who follows the Constitution and the law, and that she is exceptionally qualified to serve.

"Twenty-eight years after my father, former Arizona Congressman Morris Udall, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of fellow Arizonan, Sandra Day O'Connor - the first woman to serve as a United States Supreme Court Justice - I was honored to cast my first Supreme Court confirmation vote for Sonia Sotomayor and make history again.

"As a first-year Senator, this is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. I have full faith that Judge Sotomayor will be an excellent, unbiased justice, and I want to welcome her to the U.S. Supreme Court."

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