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Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010

Location: Washington, DC

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2010 -- (House of Representatives - July 29, 2009)


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

Madam Chairman, yet again, the Democratic leadership has decided to close down this process. I have submitted an amendment to the Rules Committee to prohibit funding in this bill from being used to standardize ground combat uniforms across the military services. The House version of the defense authorization has language that was slipped in to require one standardized future ground combat uniform for the military to eliminate the uniqueness of the branches.

The Marine Corps has stated, ``A standardized ground uniform will negatively impact USMC recruiting, retention, and tactical/operational employment for deploying forces.'' Given the unique and differing missions of each of the branches, I believe that the leadership of each Service should maintain the flexibility to determine what uniform is best-suited for the specific role for its members.

I am very disappointed that we have been denied the opportunity to debate my amendment here today. I want to say I'm a strong supporter of H.R. 3326. I am a marine. Once a marine, always a marine. I am also one who believes in a very strong national defense. I believe the Founding Fathers meant for a strong national defense to be the major function of the Federal Government.

I applaud this bill, and I applaud the leaders on both sides for bringing this strong bill. I want to say I agree with my colleague, Mr. Gingrey, that I believe very firmly that we need to continue funding the F-22 and the C-17.


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