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Change We Can Use

Location: Washington, DC

CHANGE WE CAN USE -- (House of Representatives - July 28, 2009)


Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, I just got this e-mail from JoAnne Lewis in Coffee County, Georgia. She's with the Economic Development Authority. She says that Wayne Farms is now closing down, another 165 jobs lost. This brings Coffee County, Georgia's, total job loss to 2,979, or an unemployment rate of 16 1/2 percent. Mr. President, where's the stimulus package? Where are the jobs?

Now, on top of this comes Speaker Pelosi. She's planning to ram through a $1.2 trillion government takeover of the health care system. This will cause a $534 billion tax increase and a $208 billion tax increase on small business and farmers. Therefore, more layoffs, and more unemployed. Mr. Speaker, this is not the change the folks in Coffee County, Georgia, can use. They need jobs.


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