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82% Of Central Texas Says No To Democrats' Health Plan

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

82% Of Central Texas Says No To Democrats' Health Plan

Central Texans are overwhelming opposed to the Democrats' health care plan, according to poll results and constituent feedback received by U.S. Representative John Carter (R-TX).

"Based on what I've heard from folks here at home, the healthcare bill in the House is absolutely unacceptable to Texans," say Carter. "While these are not scientific polls, results like these repeated over and over from thousands of voters send an unmistakable message. This bill must be defeated."

Carter says that to date, 85% of the unsolicited calls, letters, and emails received by his offices on the health care proposal have been in strong opposition to the plan. That number has been reinforced by two polls Carter conducted starting in late July.

Beginning July 18, Carter conducted an email poll of residents of the 31st Congressional district, to which 4,962 had responded through August 6. The poll posted a single question with no introductory remarks or any description of the proposal, asking simply "from what you have heard and read, what is your opinion of the healthcare reform package moving through Congress?".

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