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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Health Care


Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank my friend Mr. Akin from Missouri for yielding and for hosting this hour to talk about health care.

Just earlier tonight, we heard President Obama talking about the latest rendition of his story to the American people about what this bill does and doesn't do. I think what you're seeing across the country, though, is people have now started to see the details of the bill.

I serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee where we've been debating this bill for a few weeks now. We finally got the text of the bill just a few days ago. In fact, we had a hearing with the Congressional Budget Office last week. The day after the chairman of the committee finally released to the public the details of the bill, when we were talking to the head of the CBO about what the cost of this is to the American people, the head of the CBO acknowledged he didn't even have the opportunity to read the bill, but as he started to go through it----

Mr. HOEKSTRA. If the gentleman will yield, you think that's the bill you're going to be working on tomorrow afternoon?

Mr. SCALISE. Well, you know, I think it is changing every day, and the sad part of it is what's not necessarily changing are the details. What is changing is the rhetoric.

Every day they seem to come out and say something just to try to appease the American people. When the American people start looking at the details of this bill, they realize this bill gives a government bureaucrat, this new health care czar they're creating--we're not even talking about Cabinet Secretary post, somebody who is actually confirmed by the Senate. We're talking about a Federal bureaucrat, a health care czar, gives this health care czar the ability to take away your insurance if you like it. And so the President will go give a speech and say if you like what you have, you can keep it. The problem is his bill gives the bureaucrat the ability to take your health care away.

Mr. SCALISE. Their bill allows this health care czar to ration health care on Americans, and so American people are looking at this--and small business. And I talk to small business all the time. I just talked to one a little while ago who watched the President's speech and he said, One of the things that we're sick and tired of is all of these new taxes that they keep adding onto the backs of working people and all of these new mandates that government keeps adding onto the backs of people that are taking away their rights, taking away their health care.

And they see it in this bill. And they give all the speeches they want and all the assurances. The problem is, in the bill, they take away those rights.


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