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Let's Learn Lessons From Health Care Failures

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, tomorrow the President is going to be a stone's throw from the Tennessee border when he is out on the trail speaking with people. And I have no doubt he is going to have something to say about health care and say we can't put off health care reform any longer. And most people agree that we need some smart reforms on cost, on access, on insurance liability and on insurance accountability. I would also say that we need to heed the warnings that will come from some of the public option experiments that have taken place in our States.

My home State of Tennessee is home to one of these public option experiments. And our governor, a Democrat, has even called this a disaster. Now, 15 years after that experiment being put in place, our State is still digging out from a system that went horribly wrong, and it is a system that rationed care and cost billions more each year than anticipated.

I have asked the administration repeatedly for assurances if they understand what went wrong. I am still waiting. Let's learn these lessons from TennCare.

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