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New Mandates For Abortion Coverage In Every Insurance Plan

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, everywhere I go people tell me they're worried about the direction our country is headed.

So far in this Congress, all we've seen are bailouts and government takeovers. We've taken over or nationalized huge sectors of our economy. We've nationalized the banking industry and the financial sector. We've nationalized the home mortgage industry. We've taken over the auto companies. We've nationalized the energy sector with cap-and-trade.

And now our friends on the other side want to nationalize the health care sector, 17 percent of our economy, a government takeover with new government mandates. And one of those hidden mandates is for abortion coverage in every insurance plan, public or private, in America.

At a time when the number of abortions is declining, doctors performing abortions are declining, the number of abortion clinics is declining, the Congress and White House want to mandate abortion coverage in every insurance plan, public or private; another bailout in this bill, this one for the abortion industry.

What would the result be? Less jobs, more taxes, massive government spending, and a mountain of debt on our kids and grandkids.

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