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Fox News "On The Record With Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Two senators who are also doctors have an Internet show. What do they call it? What else, a senate doctor's show.

The show is all about health care. Earlier, Senator John Barrasso and Tom Coburn when "On the Record."


VAN SUSTEREN: Nice to see both of you.

COBURN: Good to see you.


VAN SUSTEREN: You've had all sorts of titles. You've had doctor, doctor, senator, senator, and now you have an Internet show.

SEN. TOM COBURN, R - OKLA.: Grandfather, too.

VAN SUSTEREN: I won't leave that out. But you have an Internet show.

COBURN: There are only two senators who are also doctors. And with this health care where they're talking about one-sixth of the entire economy of the United States, it is so personal, everybody is involved, and we thought it was a great way to just share ideas with people around the country and let them email in, video in, twitter, Facebook, the whole deal.

And we are hearing from hundreds and hundreds of people, lots of folks are watching, and it's just a way to share information about what we think is best for health care in the country, and it's not necessarily the bills that are being presented right now and debated in Congress.

VAN SUSTEREN: When can we see these Internet shows?

COBURN: We are on every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 eastern time, and you can get in on the web, and you can Google it. They are live Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00.

BARRASSO: Is really important to have a physician's perspective. And if the American people will go and talk to their physicians, they are going to get a completely different viewpoint than what you're getting from the politicians.

And it gives us an advantage because we've been on both sides of the fence, and we may be a little more sensitive about this issue for our patients that our colleagues.

VAN SUSTEREN: What is the question you get most often?

BARRASSO: Who is going to pay for it? And, am I going to keep my insurance and my doctor?

VAN SUSTEREN: And your answer is?

COBURN: Unfortunately, the public is being asked to pay for this, and what the president promised and what's being delivered are very different things.

So my concerns with these bill are they are bad for patients, because health care is going to suffer. They're bad for the people that are going to pay for it because it's much more expensive, especially in this economic.

And they are bad for providers. This isn't good for doctors or nurses or nurse practitioners, people who want to work closely with their patients and make decisions.

You're going to have a government bureaucrat between a patient and a doctor, and that's just wrong.

VAN SUSTEREN: If you could change the structure, because we are now deep into the health care structure that we now have, and I realize the new bill is an attempt at reorganization -- if you could do what you wanted, in a practical standpoint, what would you do?

COBURN: Cover everybody. Make sure we got much greater value for the dollars we are spending today. We do not need to spend more on health care. What we need to do is $1 out of every $3 doesn't help anybody get well, doesn't prevent them from getting sick.

We ought to be able to go and capture a large portion of that $1 out of $3 that are wasted today in health care. And if we did that through common sense, by making sure we have a transparent market, making sure we have a choice, but also putting some of your risks on the line so that you can have the coverage you want, deciding the coverage you want, having the doctor you want, but also having a financial connection to those choices.

What this would cause us to do is be good shoppers of health care both in quality and price. We are good on quality, but we are not good on price. And what we need is the consuming patient to start questioning the cost of things. And as they do that, the prices will go down.

The other question we get a lot of are members of the House and Senate going to read the bill before they vote. And the good news is they have delayed the vote until after September, which is the way it ought to be.

VAN SUSTEREN: We are going to give you a pop quiz, you know?


We are going to have a pop quiz, and one doctor has challenged the president. The president says that he wants to go line by line by line through the bill. Would you two go in the White House and go line by line by line?

COBURN: Absolutely.

BARRASSO: Absolutely

VAN SUSTEREN: You will go to the White House to sit down with President Obama and go line by line by line, you promise?

COBURN: Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: You promise, both of you?

BARRASSO: We will.


VAN SUSTEREN: All right, thank you.



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