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Proposed Health Care Reform a Job Killer

Location: Washington, DC

PROPOSED HEALTH CARE REFORM A JOB KILLER -- (House of Representatives - July 28, 2009)


Mr. ROSKAM. Mr. Speaker, a few years ago I was at a famous Cubs game and watched as the Chicago Cubs were leading up to this crescendo. They were playing the Florida Marlins, and it actually looked for a minute as if the Chicago Cubs were going to go to the World Series. The announcer began to say, Well, there are five outs left and the Cubs are going to go to the World Series, and it got incredibly exciting. And then there was a bobble over in left field, and the rest is history. I mean, the air went out of Wrigley Field like nothing I had ever seen before. Just whoosh.

Well, that is exactly what happened in the Ways and Means Committee when the Director of CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, came in and said, and I am paraphrasing now, the following about the Democrat majority's plan:

Number one, you are rushing this. You haven't given us time to evaluate it; but, number two, there is nothing that indicates that this is going to save money. In fact, it looks like a budget buster.

Again, whoosh, all the energy left the room.

Americans know that we can do better. Americans know this is a job destroyer. Let's do the right thing.


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