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A Government Takeover Is Not The Solution

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

A Government Takeover Is Not The Solution

Mr. WALDEN. Mr. Speaker, I was a small business owner for 21 years. There is no question that it's time to reform the health care system, but a government takeover is not the solution. Putting a government bureaucrat between your family and your doctor is not the solution, and losing the health plan you have today is not a solution. Yet the Democrats' bill would do just that. It puts a bureaucrat between you and your doctor. It doesn't have real reform. According to independent analysis, two out of three Americans won't be able to keep their plans, and it does nothing to bring down the costs. In fact, it drives up the deficit by over $239 billion.

Meanwhile, if you're out in places like Oregon, rural Oregon, the CEO of Asante Health System, Roy Vinyard, in southern Oregon, said the government option under the Democrats' plan would be the death knell for hospitals since it pays Medicare rates. Currently, Medicare only pays 76 percent of their hospital's costs, and yet 52 percent of their patients are on Medicare. If the percentage of Medicare-like payments increases to 75 percent of their patients, the hospital will have to close its doors.

So that plan does nothing to rein in costs. It does nothing to keep the doors open. We need to reform health care, but let's do it in a way that puts patients first and that doesn't destroy small business.

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