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Fallin Joins Bipartisan Group Slamming Taxpayer Funded Abortions In Healthcare Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Mary Fallin (OK-05) participated today in a bipartisan press conference expressing opposition to provisions in the healthcare reform legislation making its way through Congress that would mandate coverage or provide taxpayer funding for abortion. Fallin released the following statement after the event.

"Today, I call on House leaders and the Obama Administration to explicitly detail whether abortions will be included in coverage mandates, whether employers will be required to provide plans to employees that include abortion coverage and whether individuals will be required to purchase plans that include abortion coverage.

"It is my hope that leaders in Congress provide a specific exemption where abortion is concerned, so that any healthcare bill will avoid either mandates for abortion or taxpayer funded abortions.

"Unless such an exemption is added, taxpayer money could be used to fund abortion. The current proposal is a non-starter for those pro-life Americans who cannot in good conscience vote for a bill that encourages and funds abortion."

The current House proposal, H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act, would require Americans to carry a minimum package of health benefits. This package would be determined by federal bureaucrats. Individuals or employers who do not meet it would face steep tax penalties. Unless explicitly prohibited by law, abortion would most likely be considered a "minimum benefit," forcing taxpayers to foot the bill, employers to extend coverage for this procedure and doctors to carry it out.

Following the event, Fallin spoke on the House floor to oppose the Democrat's healthcare bill and express concern about the excessive government regulation and taxes it will impose on patients, doctors, families, small business and employers. To view Fallin's statement on the House floor, click here.

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