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Statement From The President On House Energy And Commerce Committee Passage Of Health Insurance Reform


Location: Unknown

"I'm pleased that the third and final House committee working on health reform legislation has successfully passed a bill that would provide quality, affordable health insurance for all Americans. This historic step by the House Energy and Commerce Committee moves us closer to health insurance reform than we have ever been before. The bill that they have passed will strengthen consumer protections and choice, while lowering costs and improving care, underscoring the broad consensus among all of the bills that have emerged in Congress.

As in other Committees, this bill was strengthened by a debate that allowed all voices to be heard, including those of Progressives, Blue Dog Democrats, and members of both the Democratic and Republican Caucuses. I particularly want to thank Chairman Waxman and Chairman Emeritus Dingell for their leadership. Over the next few weeks, we must build upon the historic consensus that has been forged, and do the hard work necessary to seize this unprecedented opportunity for the future of our economy and the health of our families."

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