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Gov. Perry's Remarks at CHI Relocation Announcement

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Gov. Perry's Remarks at CHI Relocation Announcement

*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.

Thank you, Farouk [Shami, Founder/CEO, Farouk Systems] and congratulations on this milestone in the life of Farouk Systems.

Some of you might think I've come to pick up a shipment of hair products, but I'm actually here to celebrate some great news for Texas.

As governor of this state, I get the chance to meet a lot of remarkable leaders with compelling histories, but there aren't many whose story can match Farouk Shami's.

Standing here is a man who pretty much embodies the American dream. Born in a distant land, inspired by the freedoms we enjoy, drawn to the state where people are still free to achieve, he has built a life of significance and an organization that is respected around the world.

His story is the story of Texas, a place whose history is highlighted by hard-working visionaries, who came to this place of opportunity, and combined risk taking with hard work, on their way to the top of their field.
Today, we celebrate the latest bold achievement in your career.

As technology makes our world flatter every day and connects markets that are thousands of miles apart, some have reacted with fear, complaining about outsourcing, and condemning it as the death of the American economy.

Well, Texans would rather compete than complain.

That is why we work so hard to make our state competitive, including investments in job creation, and our efforts to improve our workforce, by making our education system more accountable.

We have also held the line on government spending, kept taxes low, our regulations predictable and our legal system fair.

During this last session, legislators did a fine job continuing that trend, crafting a balanced budget, cutting taxes for 40,000 small businesses and protecting a Rainy Day Fund that is projected to grow to $9 billion over the next two years.
As a result of our history of limited government, we lead the nation in exports and Fortune 500 companies with a job-creation culture that is second to none.

Word is out that Texas is the place to be if you want to work hard, create jobs and reap the rewards of your toil.

That's not the case across the country as other states respond to economic challenges by increasing burdens on employers.

These employers are finding it tougher and tougher to do business, thanks to rising taxes, unpredictable regulations, and the persistent threat of frivolous lawsuits.

When they look at Texas, they're discovering that we've not only kept a lid on those problems, we've also fostered an environment that encourages people to pursue their dreams, build businesses, and create jobs.
Just this year, multiple companies like Caterpillar, USAA and Medtronic have started moving jobs from other states to Texas.

Today, we are celebrating a leader who is moving jobs here from another country.

Here in Houston, where CHI already employs hundreds of Texans, they are now adding 1,000 manufacturing jobs that were previously located in Asia.

These jobs not only represent paychecks going to hardworking Texas families, they are also an indication that the Texas approach is working.

Farouk, on behalf of the thousands of Texans who will ultimately end up on your payroll, I would like to thank you for this bold move, and wish you the best as you continue leading your company with vision and courage.

You are not only helping your customers make themselves more beautiful, you're helping our state's economy keep growing in these challenging economic times.

May God bless you and, through you, may He continue to bless the great state of Texas.

Now, let's get those big shears and cut this ribbon.

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