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Hope for Vision

Location: Washington, DC

HOPE FOR VISION -- (House of Representatives - July 28, 2009)


Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize the extraordinary work of Hope for Vision, a wonderful organization in my congressional district, as well as their two newest goodwill ambassadors, Alex and Stacy Campos. Both Hope for Vision, as well as the Campos family, serve our community with tremendous distinction.

As a member of the Congressional Vision Caucus, I am proud to work towards elevating awareness and finding solutions to the problems that surround vision loss and vision impairment. In this pursuit, there is no better partner than that of Hope for Vision.

Started in 2005, it amazes me every day just how much Hope for Vision has accomplished. In just 4 short but very successful years, Hope for Vision has been able to raise millions of dollars for the development of treatments and cures for blinding diseases. Finding a cure for degenerative blindness and other retinal diseases holds untold promises for new treatments and all types of visual disorders and beyond, which is so important to reduce the massive cost that our Nation suffers due to vision loss.

Vision loss and impairment not only have an extraordinary financial cost, but it also carries a deep personal cost as well. When individuals suffer the inability to see clearly, they must depend on others for help. Simple tasks like locating keys or avoiding obstacles in a walkway become virtually impossible without assistance. Literally left in the dark, a person's blindness becomes an entire family's responsibility.

This is compounded by the fact that the health care costs related to vision alone are more than $67 billion annually, and this number will only increase as the population continues to grow and age. Hope for Vision understands these issues, and they know that the biggest challenge is ensuring that this crucial work is fully funded.

By far, the most impressive aspect of Hope for Vision is the fact that over 95 percent of the money raised is given directly to research at top academic institutions. And when it comes to the administration of success for Hope for Vision, few know better than that of Alex and Stacy Campos. These two champions of vision care have served selflessly for the benefit of our South Florida community. As well, they have truly afforded many in need the blessings of renewed sight.

As goodwill ambassador, Mr. Campos sits on the board of directors for Hope for Vision and utilizes his skills gained from the financial industry to make Hope for Vision as successful as it is today. Together with his wife, Stacy, and her continued participation in many charitable foundations, the work of the Campos family has provided Hope for Vision with the means it needs to grow and succeed even more.

Without a doubt, Mr. and Mrs. Campos satisfy the roles of goodwill ambassadors. Their relentless commitment to service and their passion to help families help themselves is truly worthy of distinction. It is because of their commitment to Hope for Vision and their fight against vision loss that countless families today enjoy the freedom of sight.

Alex and Stacy Campos have been a great resource for all at Hope for Vision, and our entire community has benefited from their partnership. Hope for Vision will be sure to maintain itself among the elite organizations working to fight against blindness and retina degenerative diseases through the actions of dedicated individuals like Alex and Stacy.

I again congratulate, Madam Speaker, Hope for Vision for the great work that this young organization has already done, and I look forward to hearing many good things in the years to come from Hope for Vision and all of the brave individuals involved in this fight for maintaining vision awareness for all of our community.


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