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Too Much Bureaucracy In The Democratic Health Care Bill

Location: Washington, DC

TOO MUCH BUREAUCRACY IN THE DEMOCRATIC HEALTH CARE BILL -- (House of Representatives - July 28, 2009)


Mr. PUTNAM. Mr. Speaker, with just 1 week left before we return to our districts, it is alarming that we do not have a final health care bill to read despite the Speaker's determination to have a vote on it this weekend. To get a head start though, I decided to look through the incomplete version available to the public online.

No further along than page 16, there is a provision that essentially says, A private insurance provider cannot enroll new beneficiaries into a health care plan. In short order, government-approved health care will be the only option. Current nonpartisan estimates project that as many as 114 million people will lose private health insurance. Nearly 5 million jobs will be lost due to the new taxes and mandates, and a whopping $1.3 trillion will be added to Federal spending over 10 years.

The bill creates 53 new commissions, councils, bureaus, advisory panels, and offices. If the American people think it's difficult to navigate the current health care system, just wait until more bureaucrats are involved. Why have the authors of this bill declared war on small business only to grow the Federal Government? Americans do not need more government. They need private sector jobs and affordable, quality health care. This bill provides neither.


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