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Where are the Jobs and Transparency

Location: Washington, DC

WHERE ARE THE JOBS AND TRANSPARENCY -- (House of Representatives - July 21, 2009)


Mr. ISSA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to say three things: Where are the jobs? Where is the transparency that was promised? And where will the savings come from in a health care proposal that, in fact, starts off by talking about savings while, in fact, increasing spending?

You don't need a new tax if everything is already taxed and you are going to save. You only need a new tax if, in fact, you are going to spend more money, create more waste, fraud, and abuse.

Mr. Speaker, the President said we would not go above 8 percent, that the stimulus would in fact drive down the tendency towards unemployment and, in fact, create jobs.

Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs? They were not created.

Mr. Speaker, the President said that this administration would have unparalleled access and transparency, and yet the special IG for the Troubled Asset Relief Program has said just the opposite, that he's being blocked at every step, that, in fact, he's not getting the transparency that he was promised.

Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs? Where is the transparency?


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