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Where Are The Jobs?

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GOODLATTE. Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs?

They're certainly not in the so-called ``stimulus package'' that passed this Congress and that hasn't created any jobs. In fact, we've lost millions of jobs since that package passed. They are certainly not in the cap-and-tax legislation that passed this Congress 6 weeks ago. That legislation will cost millions of American jobs. Mr. Speaker, they most certainly are not in this so-called ``health care bill'' that the Democrats are offering today, which will cost an estimated 4.7 million jobs as employers find they can't pay the taxes being imposed upon them and as we see those jobs going overseas to countries where they can afford to do business.

This is not the right way to preserve the choice for the American people in their health care. This is not the right way to make sure that our health care in this country is available to the many, many hundreds of millions of people who receive it today. We need to reform our health care system with legislation that deals with medical malpractice reform, with association health plans, with things that cut down on the cost before we address this massive tax increase.


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