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Where Are The Jobs?

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CARTER. Mr. Speaker, jobs, jobs, jobs. Americans are asking, where are the jobs? With the unemployment rate at 9.7 percent, Democrats continue to push job-killing bills. First cap-and-tax, and now a plan to socialize health care. We all agree our health care system is clearly in need of reform. Health care costs too much. Families and individuals are seeing their premiums rise, and businesses are having to drop or significantly reduce their coverage to make ends meet. Employees are wondering why their plan no longer covers things like dental or vision.

The answer is, the costs are forcing employers to reduce coverage. However, the Democrat government-controlled health care bill actually makes things worse. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says it will raise prices even higher and increase taxes. The Democrats' health care bill also hurts the quality of health care, cuts thousands of jobs, and devastates State economies.

There are just too many problems with the Democrat health bill to use a 5-minute speech, so I'm going to focus on one job-killing section, section 1156, which would be the death of physician-owned hospitals, which are a huge job creator and a medical innovator in Texas and throughout the country. Texas has more existing and planned physician hospitals than any other State. To be exact, Texas has 50 physician-owned hospitals that provide 22,000 jobs and contribute $2.3 billion to the Texas economy annually. So let me repeat. This little provision in the Democrat government health plan kills tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions of tax dollars paid, and over $1 billion of economic activity for the State.

If section 1156 becomes law, 104 physician-owned hospitals currently under construction would be lost. This would cost Texans 20,000 jobs and $5 billion in investments. Constituents in my district are letting me know how devastating this provision is for Texas. Hospitals like the Heart Hospital of Austin, rated the number one hospital in America for heart attacks, would not be able to build new hospitals and could only expand after going through several layers of bureaucracy.

This is only one small portion in the Democratic government-run health care plan, and it kills jobs. And others kill jobs. In a poll of 5,097 of my constituents, 82 percent oppose the Democrat plan. Nationwide polling indicates the majority of Americans are opposed to the Democrat plan. Let's listen to our constituents and defeat this government-run takeover of our health care.


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