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The Rising Costs Of Health Care And The Need For A Public Option

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. LUJÁN. Mr. Speaker, at a time when families throughout my district and throughout our Nation are struggling with the rising costs of health care, a robust public option will expand choice and increase competition, driving down costs and making affordable health care a reality.

We need a strong public option for the single mother in my district who changed jobs and lost her insurance, who deserves the chance to get the coverage she needs for herself and for her kids.

We need health care reform for the self-employed businessperson who will finally have a chance to get affordable, comprehensive health care without worrying about constraints on his business.

There should be no question that our current health care system is broken. We have an opportunity to work with one another to truly look after the American people and make a difference in their lives. We need a strong public option because our constituents, our constituents, deserve affordable, accessible health care.

Mr. Speaker, we have come to work. We have come to look after the general welfare of the American people. Year after year we have had an opportunity, and we have squandered it, to be able to address the problems that are afflicting the American people, people struggling today. And we have an opportunity to either work to come up with some solutions or not present any ideas.

Mr. Speaker, we have some great ideas here, and it is about time that we take some action.

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