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Ellsworth Applauds House Passage of Mandatory PAYGO

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Ellsworth Applauds House Passage of Mandatory PAYGO

Today, the House approved legislation restoring mandatory pay-as-you-go budget rules. The legislation requires new government spending to be paid for through budget cuts or other savings. These same rules were in place during the 1990's, and some experts attribute them to budget surpluses during that period. Rep. Brad Ellsworth, a member of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, applauded the move and issued the following statement:
"Over the past several months, Congress has moved swiftly to address the current economic crisis head-on. We passed an economic recovery plan to put Americans back to work, made smart investments in our schools, roads and bridges, and successfully prevented a collapse of our financial system.

"All of these actions were necessary to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse, but they have come with a price.

"Even as we continue to address current challenges, we can take steps today to reign in unnecessary spending and lay the groundwork for our long-term fiscal health.

"Restoring statutory pay-as-you-go budget rules is critical to reach that goal.

"It's a simple principle; one that millions of Americans use every day: you only spend what you have. And if you want to spend an extra dollar, you must budget and save a dollar somewhere else. As we saw in the 1990's, this is an effective tool to bring runaway deficits under control.

"Restoring fiscal responsibility can't just be a Democratic goal or a Republican goal. We must all work together to reign in unnecessary spending and make the tough choices to get our fiscal house in order. Statutory PAYGO is the first step on the journey back to fiscal sanity, and I hope the Senate passes it soon."

During the opening hours of the 111th Congress, Ellsworth supported pay-as-you-go budget rules in the House. The legislation would give those rules the force of law; requiring compliance by the Senate.

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