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Governmental Takeover Of Health Care

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LANCE. Mr. Speaker, there is a great debate here in Congress about how we go about reforming health care in the United States. I've tried to work in a bipartisan capacity with the majority, but the Democratic leadership's health care reform plan is a governmental takeover of health care that will lead to fewer jobs, higher taxes, and, ultimately, less health care coverage for New Jerseyans.

Most disappointing to me is the fact that the Democratic health plan would increase, not reduce, our Nation's burgeoning long-term health costs, a step in the wrong direction. And according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, instead of saving the Federal Government from fiscal catastrophe, the Democratic health care proposal would already worsen the situation that is out of control, an $11 trillion debt that is rising rapidly.

Democrats should put aside their $1.5 trillion health care plan and take a hard look at the affordable and effective Medical Rights and Reform Act put forth by the Republican Tuesday Group. Together, we can find real solutions to make health care affordable.


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