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Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LAMBORN. Mr. Speaker, human lives should never be sacrificed for the promotion of science. The very purpose of science is to uphold and protect life. We cannot in one breath say we want to advance science in order to save lives, and in the next support science that devalues the life of the smallest and most defenseless humans. All human life is sacred.

The alternatives to embryonic stem-cell research are vast. There is no reason to force taxpayers to fund research that will destroy human life because the advances we are seeing from adult stem-cell research hold tremendous promise.

To date, there have been 73 treatments for disease ethically using adult forms of stem-cell research while embryonic stem-cell research has failed to provide a single treatment.

There is no one in this Chamber who does not wish to see science advance. But as we progress, we must be mindful that science is best when it is used within ethical boundaries. In our quest for progress, if we compromise the morals that support us, what good will our so-called progress be then?


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