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Supporting National Children and Families Day

Location: Washington, DC

SUPPORTING NATIONAL CHILDREN AND FAMILIES DAY -- (House of Representatives - July 21, 2009)


Mr. LYNCH. Madam Speaker, I now yield myself such time as I may consume.

Madam Speaker, I rise in support of H. Res. 534, the resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Children and Families Day. The strength of our Nation relies heavily upon the future success of today's children. To ensure this success, families across the Nation work hard to instill resiliency, health and wisdom in their children.

This bill was introduced on June 11 and was referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The committee reported the bill by unanimous consent on June 10, and it comes to the House floor today with bipartisan support from over 56 cosponsors.

Madam Speaker, American families together make tremendous sacrifice each day to ensure the quality of their child's development. Families play a critical role in the care of children, including their health and developmental needs. Families, including those with children of special needs, should be encouraged to create safe and secure and supportive environments to foster confidence and self-esteem.

Madam Speaker, House Resolution 534 gives us the opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the role that all these families play in developing well-rounded, well-educated children and the positive outcomes this creates for the Nation's future. We sincerely thank them for their contribution to our country.

And with that, Madam Speaker, I reserve the balance of my time.


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