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Motion To Go To Conference On H.R. 3121, Flood Insurance Reform And Modernization Act Of 2008

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ROHRABACHER. Madam Speaker, I rise in support of this motion to instruct, but I also rise in support of my colleagues who today are stressing the plight of the American people concerning the price of gasoline.

Let me just note that this weekend I was surfing in my district. My wife and I are avid surfers, and my friend and colleague from Florida, who also, of course, represents a State with a long coastline, should understand that we have had offshore oil rigs off California for many, many years, off of my district for many, many years. The onlyoil spill we have ever had has come from a tanker which had an accident off our shore.

Those people who are adamantly opposed to offshore oil drilling, as we have just heard, are actually making us more vulnerable. They are making their pristine beaches more vulnerable to spills because a tanker has about a 500 percent greater chance of spilling oil than does an offshore oil rig.

In fact, let us note that we have heard the argument time and again, why aren't the oil companies drilling off the land they have already been given? In my area that is very clear. The reason the oil companies can't proceed is that they have been stopped by roadblocks put before them, legislative and legal and regulatory roadblocks by radical environmental groups that won't let them drill and won't let them get to that oil. As long as the alliance for the radical environmentalists and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party keeps hold, we are not going to get that supply.

The price of oil is high, gasoline is high because the supply is down. The supply is down because there is a coalition between the liberal left and radical environmentalists that have prevented any type of new supply from being developed in the last 30 years. It's as simple as that. The money being extracted from our pockets at the pump is a result of the lack of supply. The idea that pristine beaches are going to be threatened by offshore oil rigs has been used to diminish supply and increase the price of oil at the pump.

I rise in support of the motion to instruct and the arguments in favor of more supply of oil for our country.


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