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DeMint Statement on President's False Attack Ad

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

DeMint Statement on President's False Attack Ad

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) responded to factually untrue accusations from President Barack Obama and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) in an attack ad slated to run on South Carolina and national television. Senator DeMint's attorney is communicating directly with the TV stations documenting the false statements in the DNC's ad and reminding the stations that FCC regulations do not permit broadcasters to air false advertising by entities such as the Democratic National Committee.

The ad wrongly charges that Senator DeMint supports "no plan at all" for health care, despite a decade-long record of authoring major health care reform legislation with Republicans and Democrats. Most recently, Senator DeMint introduced the comprehensive Health Care Freedom Plan that would reduce the uninsured by over 22 million.

"It's disappointing that President Obama has lowered the discourse of this important debate with false personal attacks," said Senator DeMint. "Beyond the fact that the President's accusations are patently false, it is disturbing that he and his team would respond to a policy debate with political attack ads. The American people deserve a real debate of ideas, which is why I've offered major health care reforms every year that I've been in the Senate.

"These false personal attacks are exactly the tactics the President promised to change. I strongly encourage the President to live up to his campaign promises and work honestly with me and other Republicans to make health care affordable and accessible for every American," said Senator DeMint.

Senator DeMint's record of authoring and fighting for health care reform legislation:

• DeMint Introduces Health Care Freedom Plan - June 23, 2009
• DeMint, Kyl Introduce Health Care Equity Act - April 09, 2008
• Bipartisan Group of Senators Call for Private Health Care Insurance for All Americans - February 13, 2007
• DeMint Leads Bipartisan Effort to Expand Private Health Coverage - February 19, 2007
• DeMint Amendment Reduces Burden of Immigrant Health Care on American Taxpayers - June 06, 2007
• DeMint Introduces Health Care Choice Act - December 13, 2007
• DeMint Praises New Improvements to Health Savings Accounts - December 12, 2006
• DeMint Testifies Before Senate Finance Committee on Small Business Health Care - April 06, 2006
• DeMint Pushes for Portable Health Insurance - February 23, 2006
• DeMint Plan Brings Transparency to Healthcare - February 22, 2006
• DeMint, Durbin, Cornyn Sponsor Bill to Empower Healthcare Consumers - October 06, 2005
• DeMint, Shadegg, Hastert Introduce Health Care Choice Act - May 12, 2005
• DeMint, Salazar Join Forces in fight for Affordable Healthcare - February 08, 2005

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