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Enough Taxing And Spending

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, yesterday the deficit for this year exceeded $1 trillion, just in this year. In fact, since President Obama has taken office, more than 2 million Americans have lost their jobs. And now with that backdrop, what is this administration talking about? First of all, the President is going around saying, The stimulus bill has done its job and is working exactly as we anticipated. Did they anticipate a bill that would cost $800 billion in money we don't have and now 2 million more Americans losing their jobs?

It is time we get this right. While the White House is talking about even another stimulus bill, the American people are saying enough is enough. Stop the spending, the borrowing and the taxing and let's get Americans back to work. Let's actually provide that relief to small businesses and average American families that we, on the Republican side, proposed and President Obama didn't even want to look at.

It's time to bring bipartisanship and real solutions to this problem that is facing our country instead of that tired old adage of spending and spending and borrowing and now taxing with this cap-and-trade and this health care government takeover. We have got to get back on track.


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