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Blackburn Reacts To Democrat Health Care Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn Reacts To Democrat Health Care Bill

Congressman Marsha Blackburn issued the following statement reacting to the introduction of the latest draft of the Democrat's health care reform bill.

"This afternoon the Speaker introduced a bill that will fundamentally alter the delivery and quality of health care in this country. By presenting a ‘public option' the Speaker proposes to drive health care costs further from the very market forces that I believe can bring them under control. Whatever cost estimates exist now will pale in comparison to the actual cost of this program. Federal programs that begin as too expensive to afford soon become ‘too big to fail.' That isn't the path we should follow with health care."

Blackburn was a state senator in Tennessee when the legislature was struggling with a pilot public option health care plan called TennCare.

"Tennesseans know from our experience with TennCare that government intervention in health care very often comes at the cost of adequate delivery or quality. Tennesseans also know that, as with TennCare, the cost of government run health care cannot be predicted or contained. As I comb through this legislation I am not encouraged that the Speaker has learned from TennCare's mistakes and acted to avoid the same errors."

Congressman Blackburn is co-sponsoring an alternative reform proposal with Arizona Representative John Shadegg. Their bill would use market forces to make health care more available while bringing its cost down. Blackburn has also signed the Let Freedom Ring pledge. The pledge requires members to refrain from voting for any health care reform bill that they have not read and has not been available for the public to read in its final form for at least 72 hours.

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