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Vitter Applauds Senate Approval of His Provision to Allow Americans to Import Lower-Cost Prescription Drugs

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Vitter Applauds Senate Approval of His Provision to Allow Americans to Import Lower-Cost Prescription Drugs

Scores major victory against big drug companies

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today applauded the U.S. Senate's approval last night of his amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill that allows Americans to legally import prescription drugs from Canada into the United States. Vitter's amendment expands upon previous language that allowed for the physical import of medications from Canada and will also allow Americans to order prescription drugs over the Internet.

"This is a huge win for Americans concerned about the lowering the cost of common, expensive prescription drugs and a major defeat for the big drug companies and their powerful lobbying interests," said Vitter.

Vitter's amendment will allow U.S. citizens to possess FDA-approved prescription medicines purchased at a lower cost from Canada either in person or via the Internet and ship or carry them back into the United States. Vitter successfully offered this amendment to the 2006 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill and the language was subsequently signed into law, effectively ending the practice of Customs and Border Patrol agents seizing legal prescription drugs from Americans attempting to bring them into the United States. Unfortunately, the 2006 language was limited during the conference process to only cover personal transportation of drugs from Canada. This new provision expands on Vitter's 2006 language and allows Americans to order legal prescription drugs over the Internet for shipment to the United States.

"As many Americans, particularly senior citizens, struggle to manage the costs of paying for expensive drugs, this provision will provide them with some relief and a means to gain access to the medicines they need but so often cannot afford," Vitter said

Vitter's reimportation amendment passed by a vote of 55-36.

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