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Moran Opposes Cap And Trade

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jerry Moran today voted against the massive cap and tax legislation today to protect farmers, families and businesses from increased energy costs. Moran opposed H.R. 2454, Waxman-Markey cap and tax, legislation which is expected to increase energy costs and raise the price of utility bills, transportation, agriculture production, and many other everyday products.

"Not only is this a jobs elimination bill, but it also hurts the economy and will reduce incomes," Moran said. "This legislation will create a national energy tax on every working family and every small business in America. If you use electricity or gas - you will be affected by this bill.

"Kansans and all American consumers are the ones who are going to carry the burden of this national energy tax. Just about everything that we do requires energy, therefore, the cost on food, housing, medicine, energy, education and transportation will continue to rise. In the midst of this economic slump, American families simply cannot afford an increase in cost for basic necessities."

"This is a bad bill and is very harmful to our rural communities. In the more than 1,201 pages of the legislation, agriculture is not mentioned in regard to carbon off-sets. Additionally, companies and rural cooperatives that generate and sell electricity in Kansas are treated unfairly under this legislation."

"Making energy more expensive is not the answer to addressing environmental concerns. During my time in Congress, there has never been a piece of legislation that will be more damaging to the future of rural America, of small businesses, of farmers and ranchers than the legislation the House passed today."

Reports estimate the impact cap and tax will cost per household is an additional $2,979 per year. There will be an increase in cost will for everyday items including: chemicals; transportation; wood products; machinery; paper; plastics and rubber; and electrical equipment and appliances.

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