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House Republicans And Big Oil

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. BERKLEY. Mr. Speaker, despite the disaster of the Bush-Cheney energy plan, House Republicans continue to insist on the same old energy policy that favors bigger profits and more breaks for Big Oil. Rather than working across the aisle to provide much-needed relief at the pump, House Republicans have blocked every effort to responsibly invest in renewable energy and take the one action that would have brought down gas prices immediately, releasing oil from the government's own stockpile.

This week House Republicans will have an opportunity to prove that they really do support all-of-the-above energy strategies. We hope to bring a comprehensive energy package to the House floor that promotes efficiency, conservation, invests in renewable sources of energy, and responsibly increases domestic supply by opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf to drilling.

Mr. Speaker, House Republicans have a choice to make this week. They will stand by their own words by supporting this legislation or they will once again support Big Oil.

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