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House Committee Approves Funding for Smart Grid Initiative

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

House Committee Approves Funding for Smart Grid Initiative

Congressman Brad Sherman announced that the House Appropriations Committee has approved a half million dollars in federal appropriations funding for a smart grid initiative in the City of Burbank.

Last evening, the House Appropriations Committee considered the Energy and Water Appropriation bill, which includes this project. The legislation will next be considered by the full House of Representatives. The legislation also requires approval by the U.S. Senate before being sent to the White House for President Obama's signature.

If approved, the federal funds would help Burbank Water and Power's program to develop an advanced "smart grid" that incorporates state-of-the-art systems and Wi-Fi technology. Burbank's smart grid system would transition from existing infrastructure into a system that can better direct renewable energy resources -- the charging of plug-in hybrid cars, for example -- while making it more efficient and resilient to both natural events and malicious attacks.

"Anyone who lived through California's energy crisis knows that our energy infrastructure not only needs to be updated to meet increased demand but also to incorporate new technologies," said Congressman Sherman. "It is important to develop new sustainable energy sources and technologies, and it is also important to have modern means and methods to distribute that energy."

Congressman Adam Schiff also supported this appropriation request.

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