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Mack Statement on Democrats' Cap-and-Trade Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Mack Statement on Democrats' Cap-and-Trade Bill

Congressman Connie Mack issued the following statement today after the House of Representatives passed costly and burdensome legislation that would impose a national energy tax on hardworking American families and businesses, drastically expand the scope of federal regulations, and impact virtually every aspect of our economy.

Mack said:

"Instead of implementing a policy of cap-and-trade, which vastly expands government interference in the private sector, we must be bold and create an environment that uses tax incentives and regulatory reform to ignite a storm of innovation which unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit in America.

"We must diversify our energy supply and ensure America remains the leading energy innovator in the world. We should look into developing a wide range of technologies to diversify our energy supply, including nuclear, clean coal, renewable energy, offshore oil and natural gas drilling, wind, solar, and biofuels, among others.

"I am confident that we can lower energy costs, create jobs, and protect our environment at the same time, without enacting a huge tax on the American people."

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