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* Make New Jersey's Governor our State's Chief Energy Advocate.

Pennsylvania's success attracting the Spanish wind-energy company Gamesa Corp has resulted in an $84 million investment that will create as many as 1,000 jobs because its governor has made renewable energy a priority. Policy on paper is not enough without a governor who is committed to changing New Jersey's brand as a leader in energy manufacturing. Chris Christie will act as an energy advocate, meeting with foreign and domestic companies and convincing them that New Jersey is the place to manufacture energy. It will be job number one for Chris Christie to seek out these businesses and bring them home.

* The "Choose New Jersey Energy" Campaign.

A Christie Administration will leverage New Jersey's skilled workforce, technology base, manufacturing base and port facilities to make New Jersey a leader in manufacturing renewable energy. New Jersey will undergo a brand makeover as part of the "Choose New Jersey Energy" campaign. Governor Christie will lead a campaign that will market and sell New Jersey's resources and undeniable potential to energy producers, innovators and developers.

* Establish "Renew NJ" to consolidate all renewable energy manufacturing efforts.

As part of the New Jersey Partnership for Action, "Renew NJ" will focus exclusively on the promotion of New Jersey resources and the development of renewable energy manufacturing. The Christie Plan will move all economic development efforts related to renewable energy from the Board of Public Utilities, which is not in the business of growing jobs, to "Renew NJ." "Renew NJ" will serve as a one-stop shop for companies - working to promote the state, market to prospective energy manufacturers both at home and abroad, deliver grants, loans and other state incentives in an efficient and timely manner.


* Incentivize Energy Manufacturing with Tax Credits.

In order to make New Jersey an attractive place to manufacture energy, the Christie Administration will offer a tax credit up to 100% of the corporate business taxes or the insurance premium tax for any wind turbine and manufacturing facility that locates in New Jersey. The incentive will significantly erase the current disincentives in the state's tax policy, and will be an important tool to lure manufactures to the state.

* New Jersey Will Create Higher-Paying Clean Energy Production Jobs in the Next Four Years.

New Jersey will create higher-paying clean energy production jobs in the first four years of the Christie Administration. While many renewable energy efforts focus mainly on the creation of lower paying, efficiency jobs, such as solar panel installers, the Christie Plan is committed to a 5/1 ratio of production jobs. These clean energy production jobs are higher paying, provide greater long-term stability and create a lasting investment in New Jersey's economic infrastructure. While New Jersey has one of the strongest renewable portfolio standards in the country, according to the US Energy Information Administration, the state actually ranks 43rd when it comes to generating renewable energy. New Jersey needs to do more than just create the standard; we need to actually meet it.

* Install Solar Farms on Every Landfill.

Considering there are currently over 800 active and closed landfills covering over 10,500 acres in our state, what better way to utilize this space more effectively than with solar farms. The Christie Plan requires that all New Jersey landfills regulated by the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection install solar farms as part of their closure plans and on-going maintenance permits. New Jersey's landfills represent hundreds of acres able to support significant solar capacity, and the Christie Administration will take advantage of it.

* Encourage Solar Farms by Making it a Permitted Land Use.

Solar applications should not have to seek use variances or zone changes. A Christie Administration will make it easier for prospective solar developers to site and build these facilities. Removing the uncertainty and delays inherent in local land use approvals would greatly incent incentivize landowners and potential solar developers.

* New Jersey Farmland Isn't Just for Agriculture.

Keeping with New Jersey's commitment to preserve and protect our natural resources, the Christie Plan will allow Permanently Preserved Farmland to use up to 20% for solar panel installation.

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