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Blackburn Will Vote No On Energy Tax

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn Will Vote No On Energy Tax

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) will vote "no" on the Democrat sponsored Cap and Trade proposal. Blackburn has opposed this massive new energy tax consistently since it came before the Energy and Commerce Committee this spring.

The Heritage Foundation estimates the program will cost 33,000 jobs in Tennessee in 2012, 600,000 jobs by 2035. Electricity rates in Tennessee are expected to rise by as much as 42%.

Throughout consideration of this legislation, Blackburn fought to make its impact more transparent. She sponsored an amendment in Energy and Commerce Committee to require the costs of Cap and Trade to be itemized on utility bills and other product labels. The amendment was defeated on a largely party line vote. Last night, the Democrat controlled Rules Committee, refused to allow a Blackburn amendment that would force the public disclosure of carbon credit recipients.

"I am all for clean air, clean water, and clean energy," Blackburn said. "I fully support an ‘all of the above' U.S. energy policy. Taxing Americans out of house and home, making energy scarce and expensive, driving manufacturing jobs to India and China just won't get us there."

You can watch Congressman Blackburn's floor statements on the Cap and Trade debate on this page.

Congressman Blackburn is sponsor of H.R. 391, a bill that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. The bill was offered as an amendment to the Cap and Trade proposal but the Democrat controlled Rules Committee refused to allow it on the floor. As long as the EPA maintains the ability to limit the production of carbon dioxide, it can exacerbate the economic impact of Cap and Trade legislation. Mrs. Blackburn urges her colleagues to take up and pass H.R. 391 as soon as possible.

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