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Blackburn On Unemployment Numbers


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn On Unemployment Numbers

Congressman Marsha Blackburn made the following statement following the release of June unemployment numbers this morning. The larger than expected 467,000 jobs lost push the unemployment rate to 9.5 percent- a 26 year high.

"More than 460,000 people who had a job in May are now unemployed. Despite the stimulus plan that was supposed to bring instant relief through government spending, the economic future of American families is no more secure. Despite the repeated bailout of banks, despite the government ownership of the auto industry, despite record deficits and debt, we have not realized the job creation this country needs and the American people deserve."

"As unemployment reaches its highest levels in a generation, it is time to try a new approach. It is time for Washington to learn the hard lessons that Tennessee families already know: growing debt only cripples freedom and spending more money than you have is no plan for prosperity."

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