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Driving Up Prices

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DUNCAN. Madam Speaker, I have noticed that most environmental radicals come from very wealthy or very upper-income families. Perhaps they do not realize how much they have hurt the poor and the lower income and the working people by destroying jobs and driving up prices.

Now, those who seem to be the loudest in saying they are for the little guy are about to pass a bill that is going to hurt the little guy most of all. This cap-and-trade bill is going to drive up prices for gas, utilities, and especially costs for small businesses and farms. Businesses in China and India will probably jump for joy because this will give them even greater advantages.

And college graduates all over this country wonder why they cannot find good jobs and have to keep working as waiters and waitresses because this bill will drive even more jobs to other countries.

I hope everyone who is undecided on this bill will vote for the little guy instead of the big money environmental groups and the very big businesses which will benefit from this very costly bill.


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