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Miller Criticize Partial Birth Abortion Decision

Location: Washinton, DC

Washington, D.C. (June 02, 2004) - "Yesterday, a Clinton-appointed federal judge in California granted a permanent injunction against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban passed by this Congress and signed by President Bush. This is not surprising, since Judge Phyllis Hamilton made it crystal clear that she was ideologically opposed to the ban on Partial-Birth Abortion. What's outrageous and defies sound reason is that she found the ban unconstitutional."

"In acting to prevent this hideous practice, the elected branches of our government affirmed a basic standard of humanity, the duty of the strong to protect the weak. Partial birth abortion is cruel and inhumane - this is the widespread agreement amongst men and women on this issue, regardless of political party."

"Life cannot be granted or denied by government - elected officials or judges abusive of their interpretive function. Judge Hamilton's ruling is yet another example of activist courts gone wild, and is the next decision in the domino effect of legislating from the federal bench. I join with our President and will vigorously defend this law against judges who would construe it in contravention to the Constitution and the American people's understanding of it."

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