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Fox News Channel "The Glenn Beck Program" - Transcript


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Fox News Channel "The Glenn Beck Program" - Transcript

Fox News Channel "The Glenn Beck Program" Interview With Senator Jim DeMint

Interviewer: Glenn Beck

Subject: Cap-And-Trade Legislation

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MR. BECK: You know, that's what they didn't want you to hear. They didn't want you to listen to him at all because that's crazy. There's memos that have been going out, that have been saying, hey, can you be piping down, please? This has already been settled.

Well, it's not settled because the cap-and-trade bill, the legislation, is about to hit the Senate. We have Senator Jim DeMint here. How are you, sir?

SEN. DEMINT: I'm doing great.

MR. BECK: Good. He's the author of a brand-new book called "Saving Freedom" that is worth a read.

Senator, what happens when this hits the Senate?

SEN. DEMINT: Let's don't call it cap and trade. Let's call it a tax on electricity, because that's exactly what it is, and other energy taxes as well. They're estimating that the average American family could pay almost $3,000 in additional dollars for energy a year with this bill, which is huge.

MR. BECK: But the problem is the GAO is saying, or is it the CBO is saying, oh, no, it's going to be like $140. How do we get this huge spread?

SEN. DEMINT: Well, the outside groups, the utilities that are going to face these taxes, that are going to have to come to Wall Street to buy credits to produce electricity, I mean, Wall Street is going to love this. And they know what it's going to do to electricity prices, and they have to pass it on. And Obama's saying, oh, we'll give subsidies to different groups. It's going to be a huge mess.

I think we can stop it in the Senate, but it's going to take Americans being angry and outraged and --

MR. BECK: Well, they're angry and outraged. And I want to talk to you about that, and I want to talk to you about a solution that is in your book. But I do have to ask you this. There are now 60 votes in the Senate, because Al Franken has now -- I mean, that's like having me as a senator. Ewe.

SEN. DEMINT: You're much more serious than he is. (Laughs.)

MR. BECK: So you have now Al Franken in there. You have this serious progressive arm in the Senate. How are you going to be able to stop it?

SEN. DEMINT: Well, we've seen with several big pieces of legislation that we were able to recruit the American people to change the minds of senators. And that's what it's going to take. We need constituents of particularly Democrat senators to call and e-mail. We cannot afford to lose the health care battle. We don't need a government takeover. We cannot afford to lose this cap-and-trade battle. So really, so much is at stake in the last few months. That's why "Saving Freedom," I think, is hitting at the right time to recruit --

MR. BECK: I will tell you that, I mean, we talked about this on the radio program earlier today. A lot of people are calling this -- in fact, I read it, where was it, in the Washington Examiner today that people are saying that cap and trade is "cap and traitor." People are starting to view people, both Republican and Democrat, as traitors to the country, which I think is over the top, that's a very specific definition. But you can't figure out these things.

So people are frustrated. They don't feel like anybody in Washington is listening to them. They call, they write. And I've had a lot of people call and say that they're rude. You know, when they pick up the phone in Washington, they're rude to me or they dismiss me or, you know, they don't understand they work for me. So what is the solution?

In your book, "Saving Freedom," what's the solution?

SEN. DEMINT: Well, first of all, people have to know what's going on. And that's what your show does every day, the blogs. I mean, we've got so many tools that we didn't have a few years ago to let America know what's really going on. That's why I wrote "Saving Freedom" is to help people see, kind of give them an inside look at what's happening and why it's happening and what we can do about it and that the battle really is against freedom and socialism. And Reagan knew it, most people knew it. If you go back in history, that's what we've always been fighting.

MR. BECK: How long -- I've asked you this now for two years. You are one of the guys who I think is on the inside who actually gets it. I don't think you're a Republican first. I think you're an American first. How long do you think we have if we just keep going down this road at this pace?

SEN. DEMINT: Well, if we lose this health care battle and the government can take over health care, we're going to have probably more than half of our economy under government control. I think it's irretrievable at that point. So we've really got to stand on the tracks on this one, just go to the mat.

But it could be Obama's waterloo as well, because they're overreaching in every area. If we can stop them, then I think we can stop cap and trade and the card check and the hate crimes and a lot of things that they're trying to push through under a crisis umbrella.

MR. BECK: Senator, I have to tell you, I think Congress is overplaying their hand. More importantly, I think they're being outplayed and outmaneuvered. I think they are making themselves irrelevant to a massive new federal framework that Obama seems to be erecting with all kinds of czars and everything else. I wish you luck. The book is "Saving Freedom." It's available in bookstores everywhere. Senator, thank you.

SEN. DEMINT: Thanks, Glenn.


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