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Lack Of Transparency Is The True Perpetrator In This Crime Against Taxpayers

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) today put the blame of the AIG bonuses at the feet of Congressional leaders. Today's bill to enact a 90% tax on AIG employees is nothing more than an attempt to divert attention from the truth that Congressional leaders made these bonus payments possible. Dr. Broun opposes the bonuses and believes taxpayers should get 100% of their money back. He delivered a speech on the House floor moments ago about his constitutional concerns and belief that today's vote is nothing more than a legislative cover-up:

"Today, Congressional leaders hastily pushed a bill with the intentions of correcting a mistake that could have been prevented in the first place. I have serious constitutional concerns about our Government targeting such a narrow group of citizens with a retroactive tax hike. Regulating the pay of thousands of private citizens because of a mistake made by the leadership in this Congress starts us down a slippery constitutional slope. Moreover, I wonder what our Congressional leaders are planning to do with the taxes they collect from this bill…it will probably all go back to AIG in their next bailout payment!

"Two wrongs do not make a right and this bill is nothing more than a legislative cover-up by the leadership of this Congress. It's time for this body to instead address the problem that got us here in the first place: the lack of transparency. Lack of transparency is the true perpetrator in this high crime against the taxpayers.

"It's Congressional leadership who shoved the very bill containing bonus provisions down our throats, finally making the 1,000 plus page bill public in the middle of the night and then steamrolling it through Congress only hours later - all without adequate public or congressional scrutiny.

"They say making legislation is like making sausage - you don't want to see it. But I beg to differ because these are trillion dollar hot dogs that taxpayers have to swallow! It's time for Congressional leaders to let taxpayers into the sausage factory. It's time for the taxpayers to see what goes into the sausage and what's left out. Then, and only then, will we avoid coming back to fix mistakes that shouldn't have been made in the first place," said Congressman Paul Broun.

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