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Media Stakeout With Rep. Tome Price; Rep. Mike Pence; Rep. Marsha Blackburn; And Rep. Marilyn Musgrave - Calling For A Vote On Energy Legislation


Location: Washington, DC

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REP. PRICE: It's Tom Price from Georgia. I represent the 6th District of Georgia. It's shortly after 10 a.m. on Monday morning and it's time for Congress to go to work.

I'm honored to join a number of my Republican colleagues here to give voice to the American people on the most important issue of the day, and that is the rising gasoline prices. We're here to bring focus to that issue, to talk to the American people and to demand that the speaker call the House of Representatives back in session and demand -- we demand a vote on American energy for Americans.

Mike Pence of Indiana.

REP. PENCE: I'm very pleased and humbled to be joined by these men and women who are putting the interests of the nation before their own personal convenience. To be on the floor after adjournment last week was rare. For these members of Congress to convene and debate American energy independence this week on the floor of Congress is unprecedented.

And what you are about to witness is the beginning of a sustained effort to demand that Speaker Pelosi bring this Congress back to Washington, D.C., and give us an up-or-down vote on an energy bill that includes more access to American oil. We are committed to that, and I'm honored to stand with these men and women to do just that.


REP. MUSGRAVE: I'm talking to families that are buying school clothes and school supplies for their children. I'm talking to small- business owners, trucking businesses that are going out of business. And I'm here today for the American people, who are demanding that Congress do something to bring down the cost of energy.

Speaker Pelosi, give us a vote.

REP. PRICE (?): Marsha.

REP. BLACKBURN: I'm Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. Everyone has laid out what we're here for. The process did not work. The American people want a vote. It is shameful that Congress recessed for five weeks, left for five weeks. The American people are having a difficult time making ends meet. My constituents say they have too much month left at the end of their money. I agree with them. Congress needs to come back in. They need to address this issue.

We are hearing from school systems that running the school buses, that schools are getting ready to go go back in session all across this country. Making those school buses run and those budgets fit are very, very difficult. We are demanding that something be done on behalf of the American people and on behalf of our constituents.

Thank you all.

REP. PRICE: We'll be on the floor.

Q How long are you going to do this? Are you going to be here the whole month of August?

(Response inaudible as representatives leave the microphones.)

Q No questions? No questions? You guys come on back and aren't going to take questions?

REP. PRICE (?): (Off mike) -- Nancy Pelosi.

Q (Off mike.)

REP. PENCE: Actually, the Senate's still in session, so the president can't call us back. The Senate's still in session and -- (off mike).

Q (Off mike) -- call the House back?

REP. PENCE: No, the speaker has to call the House back. Only the speaker can do that. The Senate's still in session. They're doing pro-formas, about five minutes every day.

Q (Off mike.)

REP. PENCE: No, I'm going to stick with the group. Thank you.

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