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The House Republican Energy Bill: Dump, Baby, Dump!

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today warned Nevada families that passage of the House Republican "All of the Above" energy plan would be a boost to Yucca Mountain and would open the floodgates to more spending on the proposed nuclear waste dump near Las Vegas.

"The House Republican energy plan isn't drill, baby, drill -- it's dump, baby, dump -- and the result will be deadly radioactive waste in Nevada," said Berkley.

The legislation would automatically increase funding for the Bush-McCain Yucca Mountain plan. This change would limit the ability of Congress to control how much is spent each year on the dump, a tool that has allowed Nevada to slash the project's budget in past years.

"A vote for this plan is a vote to strip our power in Congress to cut funding for the Bush-McCain Yucca Mountain plan and that will hurt Nevada's fight to keep nuclear waste out of our home state," said Berkley.

While House Republicans are focusing billions of dollars on their effort to turn Nevada into a nuclear dumping ground, Berkley is calling for those dollars to be used to increase investments in more clean, renewable energy.

"Spending $100 billion on Yucca Mountain is not going to save drivers one penny at the pump or create more solar, wind or geothermal energy in Nevada," said Berkley. "The Silver State can and should be an international leader in the use and production of clean energy from solar and geothermal sources, but under the GOP's so-called ‘All of the Above' plan, our role will be to serve as America's nuclear garbage can."
"Republicans have not only larded-up this bill with more radioactive pork for the nuclear industry, but they are also expecting families in Nevada and across the nation to sacrifice their health and safety and that is just plain wrong. Americans are demanding energy independence, not decades of toxic nuclear waste shipments barreling past their homes and businesses," said Berkley.

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