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American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, this bill is not about science, it's not about costs and benefits; it's about ideology. Because if you look at the costs and benefits, the goal of this bill is to reduce global warming by 2/10 of a degree over a hundred years, hit our economy with this massive tax increase on homeowners, on people buying gasoline, heating their homes, hit manufacturing at a time when our competitors will not do this. This bill will result in jobs leaving the Midwest and jobs leaving America and going to other countries. And for every 1 ton of greenhouse gases we reduce, what will China do? They'll increase greenhouse gases by 3 tons. And that means more dirty air. That means more greenhouse gases. What will the U.S. have achieved? They will have pushed production off our shores. Jobs will be lost. Prices will go up. And other countries will take those jobs and put more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

This unilateral big government, Big Brother bill is not good for the planet. It's not good for our economy. And it sure as heck is not good for the Midwest. And I encourage my colleagues not to vote ideology, vote your districts and your constituents.


Mr. RYAN of Ohio. I would like to thank the gentleman and thank the chairman for this bill. You know, we hear a lot from the other side about, if we pass this bill, all these jobs are going to go to China; if we pass this bill, gas is going to go up higher.

The jobs already went to China. That's what this bill is all about. Come to Youngstown, Ohio. See how many jobs have already gone to China.

This bill is about revitalizing manufacturing. And your energy policy has already been implemented, and it gave us $4 a gallon gas here. And we have a $700 billion transfer in wealth from this country to states that want to fly planes into our building.

And this bill is about creating programs like the green bank that will loan $750 billion to companies that want to create alternative energy resources. This bill has in it $30 billion for auto suppliers, medium and small auto suppliers, to refurbish and retool so that they can sell their products into these windmill companies.

Everyone is talking about losing jobs. Come to my district. Parker-Hannifin Corporation in Cleveland, they make the hydraulics that go into windmills. Thomas Steel, they make the specialty steel that goes into solar panels. When these businesses explode--Roth Brothers makes an electrical system that goes into a wind cube that will sit on top of the buildings. In Youngstown, Ohio, in Akron, Ohio, there will be jobs because this bill passes. We need to nudge this industry and unleash the creative power.


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