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Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Congressman Smith, I appreciate the opportunity to speak tonight.

Mr. Speaker, there is no greater moral issue in America than killing 4,000 babies every single day. We have killed 53 million unborn children since Roe versus Wade. God cannot and will not continue to bless America while we are killing these unborn children. He creates life. He is the only entity who has the right to take away innocent life.

I am a medical doctor. I have treated a lot of patients over many years of serving the public in that capacity as a physician, and I want to tell you that women suffer through abortion. When we look at a woman who is pregnant, we have two patients actually. That is truly a child.

We hear people, particularly the pro-abortion folks, talk about a woman should have the right to do with her body as she pleases. Well, I don't necessarily disagree with that statement. But what I do say to that person who is pro-abortion: She does not have the right to kill her unborn child. That unborn child should have constitutional protections, and there is no question about it, because it is a person. In fact, in the Roe versus Wade ruling, in the majority opinion it was stated: If any definition of the beginning of life was ever established legislatively, it would vacate Roe versus Wade.

But let me tell you, America, this is a person. It is a baby. It is a baby who has all of the genetic material that it needs to grow and be successful as a human being. It is totally different from its mother's genetic makeup. It is a separate human being. At the time of fertilization is the only time that we can say that we can draw lines scientifically and say that there is not life and that there is a separate life. That occurs at fertilization.

So we need to protect these children. It is absolutely critical as a Nation because, as I said, God cannot continue to bless America while we are killing 4,000 babies every day, and 1.2 million babies, it is estimated, on a yearly basis.

We have a President, a new President who has said that he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act. The Freedom of Choice Act would actually allow abortions throughout the pregnancy, for 9 months, all the way until the baby literally was born completely and started to breathe on its own. But this is a baby. It is a life prior to that birth. In fact, the D&X procedure, partial birth abortion, if you will, was developed solely, solely, folks, and I can tell you this as a physician; it was developed by the abortionists solely to guarantee a dead baby.

They were faced with a dilemma. During these late-term abortions they were delivering babies that were alive, breathing, struggling for life. These abortionists would throw these babies on a stainless steel counter or in the garbage can and allow them to die. It tears my heart out just to think about that, but that is literally what they were doing. They had to develop a procedure that would guarantee them a dead baby, and that is the reason the partial birth abortion procedure was developed.

There is absolutely no--let me repeat--absolutely no medical reason to do that procedure except but to guarantee the abortionist a dead baby. That is what it is all about.

For many years, we have had the Mexico City policy that was put in place years ago during the Reagan administration, and what it says is that taxpayers' funds would not be given to foreign entities that promote abortion for family planning. Here in this country we have Planned Parenthood. The last statistics that I have here before me tonight were put forward in 2006. Planned Parenthood admits to performing 289,650 abortions, killing that many unborn children. They have a profit that year of $112 million. Yet taxpayers' dollars went to that organization to the tune of $336 million that hardworking taxpayers sent to the Federal Government in your tax dollars. We have to stop funding this organization that is killing these children.

They say, well, it is not used for abortion. It is used for family planning. It is used for other things. Well, this is just a shell game. It is transferring funds from one place to another so they can continue this culture of death that they promote. And it is about money for them. It is about power. For the abortionist, it is about making a lot of money, and that is what it is all about. I don't see how they can stand themselves to look in the mirror every morning after they have killed all these children, because I know within my heart that they have to know that that is a child, that that is a living human being. We intuitively as physicians know that.

In fact, when I graduated from medical school, from the Medical College of Georgia, I did a pledge. It is called the Hippocratic oath. And in that oath there are two things that I pledged to do. One was to do no harm. Abortion does harm to that child, a separate human being. It is not the mother's body. It is that child's body, and we are doing harm.

Secondly, more importantly, I pledged not to do an abortion. Sadly, medical schools don't do the Hippocratic oath anymore. Why don't they do it? For the two reasons I just stated: Because the pledge in the Hippocratic oath says, I will do no harm, and I will not commit an abortion.

Doctors in medical schools today don't take that pledge any longer. But this is the most important issue we face morally as a Nation. We have to stop the killing of these kids. There is absolutely no question about it. We have to stop using taxpayers' dollars to fund Planned Parenthood. We have to stop funding abortions in military hospitals overseas and in other Federal facilities. We have to stop funding organizations around the world that use taxpayers' dollars to promote abortion for family planning and for other things.

As we look overseas at the Mexico City Policy that Barack Obama said he is going to overturn, those moms in those countries don't need an abortion. They need some help. They need a job. They need economic wellbeing. And abortion is not going to give it to them.

Madam Speaker, I just heard a story recently. It's a story about a married lady who had one child. She and her husband were struggling economically. And she had an unintended pregnancy. So she goes to her doctor and says, Doctor, I need to have an abortion. I cannot continue through with this pregnancy. I cannot afford a second child. The doctor said, okay, I will be glad to do it. She was shocked at the cavalier attitude that the doctor had. He said, but I will tell you what. Why don't we kill your 2 year old? Why don't we kill your 2 year old? This is a child. You have another child in your uterus. Why don't we kill your 2 year old today, and then you will have the rest of your pregnancy to be able to save some money and get back on your feet and be able to put things in order. And you will still just have one child. Well, she was shocked, absolutely shocked. How could he suggest such a thing?

But that is exactly the point he was trying to make, that this is a child. It's a human being. It's a life that is totally separate. Just like her 2 year old, that baby in her uterus is a child. It's a baby. It's a person, a whole, new human being who should have the right that we all have, the constitutional right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as the Declaration of Independence says, that we are given those certain inalienable rights and that we are endowed by a Creator to have those rights.

We need to give those rights to these unborn children. We have to stop the culture of death in America. We have to stop this killing of these children, 50 million, 53 million, whatever it is. God cannot and will not continue to bless America if we do. And His judgment is going to fall upon this country if we continue this heinous practice of killing these unborn children.

Mr. Smith, Congressman Chris Smith, I greatly appreciate your doing these special orders tonight. It is such an important issue. It is the greatest issue we face morally as a Nation. We have to stop it. And I'm happy to work with you and other members of the pro-life caucus in fighting to preserve the life of these unborn children that desperately want to live and that our country needs to desperately protect. And I thank you so much for the time, sir.


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Thank you, Congressman. And the thing is that as a physician, I know that is a life. There is no question. Scientifically, it is a life. It is a separate life. It is not the mom's life. It is not just a little glob of tissue that is amorphous--that is a medical term, by the way--that doesn't have form. By the time the mom knows she is pregnant, there is a heartbeat there. The baby is developing. It is a person. It is developing feelings. It is developing a central nervous system. That is why ultrasound has been so important in protecting the lives, because these moms who are in crisis pregnancies, when they go to a crisis pregnancy center with an ultrasound--a 3D ultrasound is even better--they look at that baby and say this is a child. And they realize that that is a child. And the American public needs to understand that it's a child. It's a baby. The word ``fetus'' is a Latin term. You hear the pro-abortion folks say that it is just a fetus. That term ``fetus'' means ``baby.'' That is the definition of the word. It is a baby. And it truly is.

And I appreciate the long, hard fight that you have been doing for all these years to try to protect these children. And I'm glad to join you in that effort.


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