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Scalise Opposes $4 Billion Cut In Troop Funding


Location: Washington, DC

Scalise Opposes $4 Billion Cut in Troop Funding

Congressman Steve Scalise made the following comment regarding the Democrats' $4 billion cut in troop funding contained in the FY 2009 War Supplemental Conference Report that passed the House of Representatives today.

"This bill cuts more than $4 billion in funding for our troops and uses that money to bailout foreign countries like Iran, who sponsor the very terrorists who are killing American soldiers," Scalise said.

Last month Congressman Scalise voted for H.R. 2346, the War Supplemental bill, when the total troop funding was at $81.3 billion. In addition to this level of funding for our troops, the original bill did not contain the language authorizing a $5 billion bailout to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The original version that Scalise supported also had language prohibiting terrorist suspects from coming into the United States. That version passed the House on May 14 with a strong bi-partisan vote.

Today's Conference Report provides $77.1 billion in funding for our troops, which represents a $4.1 billion cut in troop funding. The Conference Report also added language allowing a $5 billion bailout of foreign countries like Iran and Venezuela through the IMF lending program, and allows Guantanamo Bay terrorist suspects to be released or transferred into the United States starting on October 1 of this year.

Congressman Scalise strongly opposes the release of Guantanamo Bay terrorist suspects into the United States and is a co-sponsor of HR 2294, the "Keep Terrorists Out of America Act."

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