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Gingrey reaction to State of the Union address

Location: unknown

"President Bush talked about the kitchen table issues, the policy questions that affect Americans' lives every day: homeland security, the economy, health care and education.

"The administration has worked diligently to keep our homeland secure from another terrorist attack. At the same time, the Bush economic policy is beginning to pay dividends as the economy continues to expand rapidly and the stock market goes up. In an economic recovery, new jobs are usually the last piece of the puzzle to fall in place, and we're working hard to expand economic opportunity and create jobs.

"The president proved once again that he's committed to bringing better and more accessible health care to Americans who lack coverage. I will do anything I can to help bring down the costs of health care by passing tort reform and expanding tax credits to the uninsured so that they can purchase coverage.

"On education, the president separated the truth from the rhetoric. We're staying true to the No Child Left Behind legislation and we're spending more on education at the federal level than ever before because education is a priority for this president and this Congress.

"President Bush laid out for the American people what we've accomplished, but more important, he presented a vision for the work that's yet to be done that we're going to tackle this year and in the second Bush administration."

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