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Blackburn Votes No On International Bailout

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn Votes No On International Bailout

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) today voted against the FY09 Defense Supplemental after the Conference Committee failed to adopt provisions to protect American soldiers serving abroad that passed the House last week. Those provisions included an instruction to adopt a Senate Amendment , blocking the release of alleged detainee abuse photos to the ACLU. Blackburn joined with the American Legion in calling on President Obama to reconsider the release of those photos last month. The President agreed that the release of such images could directly endanger the lives of troops serving overseas. Legislative language blocking the release is needed to ensure that the President's finding is not overturned by an activist court.

The Supplemental also includes $108 billion in new loan authorities for the International Monetary Fund. These international bailout dollars, which come from the U.S. Taxpayer, could be drawn by some IMF members who are also state sponsors of terrorism. Countries like Venezuela, Syria, Sudan, Iran, and Zimbabwe could receive millions - if not billions- of taxpayer backed loans.

"Troop funding bills should be about the troops. They should fund and expedite their missions and keep them safe. The bill before us was inherently inconsistent. With one hand Congress is giving our forces the funds they need to accomplish their mission. With the other hand we are handing propaganda and taxpayer dollars to those who wish to defeat our forces and freedom around the world. I support a clean supplemental funding bill and am disappointed that the Conference Committee didn't heed the bi-partisan instructions of the House to supply one."

"Our Troops urgently need these resources, but not at the expense of a more difficult and dangerous mission. Language blocking the release of images that we know would be used as anti-U.S. propaganda and a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations should have been included. Without it, our forces are at the mercy of an activist court that could overturn the Commander-in-Chief's efforts to protect them. IMF funding, which could support the very state sponsors of terrorism who finance attacks on our troops, should have been stricken from this bill. The American Taxpayer is tired of bailouts and will not tolerate a bailout for Hugo Chavez or Hamas."

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