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Blackburn Statement On Iranian Protests


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) today added her voice to the international consensus against repression in Iran. Commenting on media censorship and repression of peaceful demonstrations, Blackburn said:

"In any democracy, however constructed, it is the citizen who is the ultimate guardian of his own freedom. As such they have not only a right, but an obligation to ensure that elections are free and fair. The protestors in Iran are defending the sovereignty of their votes. So long as they do it peacefully, they should be allowed to proceed unmolested. While this may be frightening to a ruling regime that gained power through violence and intimidation, it is also a test of the truth of their words. If Iranian leaders truly have the best interest of their people at heart, and honestly believe in the democratic process; they must let these protests run their course."

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