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Honoring LT. William P. Kerby and other WWII Veterans

Location: Washington DC



Mr. CRAPO. Mr. President, I am in anticipation of a special event in my home State of Idaho. On Sunday, June 20, the Ashley Inn in Cascade, ID will dedicate Kerby Gardens on their property. For those in Idaho, particularly those in Valley County, memorializing Lt. William Paul Kerby is an important occasion that represents a man, and a generation.

Lt. William Paul Kerby deserves America's appreciation. As Valley County's first serviceman to lose his life in World War II, he displayed the selfless sacrifice of a true American. It is his dedication that Kerby Gardens hopes to honor-a spirit of sacrifice that has defined our country and the State of Idaho since its beginning and continues to do so today.

Lt. Kerby was one of over 1,700 Idahoans who never returned from the battlefield in that great and terrible war. It is to these men that we owe our freedom today. There is still no other event in modern history that so transformed our world as did the Second World War. It brought out the best in our Nation and proved the courage of an entire generation, one that has been called "The Great Generation." It is the courage and sacrifice of those veterans, men including Lt. William Kerby, that this garden remembers and honors.

In commemorating the dedication of Kerby Gardens, I would like to recognize, honor and thank Lt. Kerby and all of Idaho's veterans for their sacrifices. In World War II, as in other conflicts, America's servicemen and women have demonstrated the values and ideals our country holds dear. For their successes and their sacrifices, we are eternally grateful.

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